Our Story

"and so, the adventure begins"

Hello, nice to meet you, my name is Charlotte!

I am a mummy, a wife, and a dedicated Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist located in Bristol. It is easy for me to say that I adore these titles, and share equal amounts of pride and compassion for each.

As a little girl I had very big dreams, of becoming a princess (didn't we all), and living in an ivory castle adorned with beautiful flowers and singing birds. Time was best spent playing with my dolly's hair and painting their faces. Little did I know that this is where the journey began!

As a teenager of the '90s when it came to fashion, catwalks, and trends I would dedicate hours to replicating looks from Kate Moss, Bjork, Spice Girls, Avril Lavine, and many others. I guess you could say that I used this as a form of creative escapism, it was such fun! This continued through the following 10 years on the faces of others also, and in 2010 I trained with Aveda in Makeup & Hair Styling, which was the exciting moment where everything came together to shape the Bridal and Beauty Services that we as a team, share with you today!

I have since gone on to further my knowledge and skills with Kate Hayes Makeup Academy, HD Brows, Nouveau Lashes, MISSU Beauty, and love being able to weave their magic into every little thing I do!

Dreams really do come true!